Perpetual protocols / Protocoles perpétuels

Perpetual protocols is a 24-hour, interactive experiment to be staged throughout New Orleans on July 8-9. Participants are invited to perform simple, everyday actions inspired by archives linked to so-called “french” New Orleans. By submitting documentation of their experiences (in French or in English), participants will contribute to a 24-hour “french” imaginary, updated with their texts, images and videos in real time on an open source, city-wide map.

The experiment is an attempt to create a collaborative, critical and playful “french” imaginary that moves between the real and the imagined, the past and the present. With at least one participant per hour, the imaginary will take form through the creation of an online map, which will also include links to archival documents from The Historic New Orleans Collection and entries from the Dictionnaire des francophones

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Laurent Gallet (2022, 16 juin). Perpetual protocols / Protocoles perpétuels. Les moissons d'hypothèses. Consulté le 25 mai 2024, à l’adresse

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