Nouvelle publication sur le Traité du Mélange d’Alexandre d’Aphrodise

Studies on Alexander of Aphrodisias’ On Mixture and Growth. Series: Philosophia Antiqua, Volume: 170. Volume Editors: Gweltaz Guyomarc’h and Frans A.J. de Haas.
This volume sheds new light on Alexander of Aphrodisias’ On Mixture and Growth as an intelligent and carefully crafted rebuttal of Stoic blending, which Alexander regarded as the closest rival of his own brand of hylomorphism. The authors explore Alexander’s dialectical method and determine the precise character of the Stoic theory he attacks. The problematic notions of mutual co-extension and infinite division appear in their proper context, while the successive stages of the process of blending are carefully distinguished from the resulting state of the blend. In this perspective the discussion of growth that closes Alexander’s work finds its natural place.

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Laurent Gallet (2023, 4 décembre). Nouvelle publication sur le Traité du Mélange d’Alexandre d’Aphrodise. Les moissons d'hypothèses. Consulté le 27 février 2024, à l’adresse

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