[Parution] M. El-Merheb, M. Berriah (éds.), Professional Mobility in Islamic Societies (700-1750) New Concepts and Approaches, Brill, août 2021

Mohamad El-Merheb is a historian of Islamic political thought. He studies the ideal of ‘the rule of law’ as expressed in advice literature under the Mamluks, Ayyubids, and Seljuqs. His other research interests include the depiction of kings Louis IX and Frederic II in Islamic historiography and professional mobility in pre-modern Islam.

Mehdi Berriah is Assistant Professor of Classical Arabic and Islamic Studies at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam (VU). His research and publications focus on Islamic military history, furūsiyya, Islamic thought, jihad ideology, Islamic law of war and ulamology. He is currently leading a research project entitled « The taymiyyan corpus on jihad: reception, decontextualization and use by contemporary jihadist movements » funded by the French Ministry of the Interior.

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