The New American Antiquarian, no. 1

The New American Antiquarian (NAA), a new peer-reviewed journal dedicated to reconstructing the hemispheric American past to 1825 A.D. through the publication of critically edited source material, invites submissions for its inaugural issue.

NAA welcomes submissions of previously unpublished manuscript transcriptions; new English translations; collations of printed material; guides or catalogs that aid in the interpretation of source collections; and scholarship that interrogates the American archive. NAA is committed to expanding the source base and scholarly horizon of early American history and literature to reflect the hemisphere’s plural linguistic traditions.

Lire la suite sur le carnet Europe’s Association for Early American Studies.

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Laurent Gallet (2021, 6 septembre). The New American Antiquarian, no. 1. Les moissons d'hypothèses. Consulté le 19 juin 2024, à l’adresse

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